Tuesday, June 30, 2009

BREAKING NEWS: Credit Cards Not Chew Toys

In breaking news, I have just been notified that credit cards, fleetcards, Medicare cards and similar plastic cards found in handbags are NOT chew toys.

This message was reinforced after the confiscation of a fleetcard from my possession, which was returned to Buzz's handbag, and then re-confiscated after I re-possessed it from said handbag.

I can also reveal that bed-socks are apparently not chew toys either, nor are claimable receipts.


When I am trying to understand something, my head twists. For example, if Buzz says to me, "Hey Sophie, where's your slipper?", while I am still translating what she is asking and what the answer might be, my head automatically tilts dramatically, until I figure it all out. Or just now, when she was whistling a tune, and I was trying to figure out what was so great that she was inspired to whistle? See the right-hand image for an example.

I wonder why this happens? I think maybe because my brain is working hard, I have to twist my head to ensure I have a healthy blood supply in the part of my brain most necessary to process the question and calculate an appropriate response.


Yesterday, I slept. And slept. And slept.

I slept for 14 hours! Buzz had a middle-of-the-night panic that I'd been bitten by a tick or was sick, so I had to endure a 3am physical. I didn't mind, I slept on. Nothing wrong with me, I was just so tired after two big Primrose walks.

This is what I look like snoozing according to Buzz's mum!

Monday, June 29, 2009


They are the best. Another one has passed, another day at Club Mutt. I ate like a fiend, walked my little button sized arse off, came home for a bath (and more food), and after my post bath frenzied run around the apartment, all I am capable of is curling up on Buzz's pink mink blanket where I have been for the last 2 hours, and will stay for at least another 2 (maybe more, I'll see how I feel).

I've also had another great weekend. Not one, but two visits to Maggio's cafe! And a visitor -- Joy -- Buzz's grandmother, which means another lap to colonise, double the number of pats and cuddles, and a choice of beds to spend the night in. How sweet is that?

Looking ahead this week, not too much trauma to be concerned about: two major days of confinement, but the rest is pretty well-balanced for Buzz. Balanced Days mean she doesn't come home all cranky and low-glucose, or finds 20 very excellent reasons to not go for a walk together.

I do miss Madison Rose though, and I feel like a trip to Newcastle after all this rain, for some backyard activities instead of apartment activities. I haven't seen her or been there for over 2 weeks. But she is in the kennel for another fortnight (sounds pretty horrifying, hope I never have to go to one) while Buzz's mum and dad are away. I can't wait till they come back.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Today has improved dramatically.

I was meant to spend 20 million hours, alone, in my kitchen with nothing to do but sleep, play with loads of toys stuffed with delicious treats, while listening to ABC radio. But Buzz is home for a couple of hours in the sunny part of late afternoon. And because her workplace email is down, and that was all she had left to do today, instead we are in a sunny corner together. She's reading, and I'm eating a cookie I saved from my treat stuffed toys (eating in bed. I hope she doesn't notice the crumbs. Or the drool.)

She's in a particularly good mood because she finally taste-tested an outstanding cupcake boutique in Leichhardt today, which she declares is the best so far: good cake, great icing, stunning presentation, and only $2.50 per indulgence. She'll probably write about it on her blog later. She even let me have a taste of one of them, and I have to agree, they are good. Not as good as this sock I'm chewing on, but still good.

She'll head off again in about an hour, and I will be back in the kitchen, but with a smile on my face (and a fresh load of toy treats).

Love and kisses to SEOulSearchKaty, my first official follower, and my cousin Golden Retriever Tilly aka Mathilda. xxSMay aka Snow Pea aka Snowphie

Monday, June 22, 2009


I am one seriously exhausted little pooch after FOUR big walks in THREE days. Here I am, post-bath, warming up and resting. I really should get fitter, but it has been raining so much lately, non-stop, all day, every day, and I was stuck in the unit for a week suffering from severe cabin fever (collateral damage: one scarf, one box of aloe tissues, random barking at familiar objects, and several other new poor habits best left unspecified). I hate Cabin Fever, it sucks to be that bored. I get all neurotic and freaky.

Buzz eventually got sick of my fever on Saturday morning, so shoved me into my raincoat, grabbed a raincoat and took me on a thorough exploration of Cammeray's back streets, Tunks Park (resembling a river delta more than a park, so much water ran through it), before finishing of with a well-deserved brunch at our favourite cafe (even though I was quite soggy by this point). A walk is a great cure.

While I recouped my energy with an afternoon nap, Buzz braved the wet again to go shopping. Her favourite centre is called The Mothership in Chatswood aka The Chase, but it is undergoing major reconstruction and this, combined with inclement weather and rubbish drivers, left her stuck in traffic within a block of the Mothership for 30 minutes. She got her own dose of freaky neurotic cabin fever being stuck in the car that long while precious shopping minutes ticked by. Fortunately she is a champion, and had an important mission to improve our sleeping arrangements, so with only an hour remaining before closing time, she combed TWO shopping centres and returned with a duck-down mattress cover, three European pillows, Euro pillow slips and pretty new queen cover set reduced to a sale price to good to walk away from. I personally thought our sleeping arrangements were pretty good already but I must agree that they are much cozier now.

Sunday we had an early start (for a Sunday). First a quick trip to Mosman for a pair of warm tracky-dacks (for Buzz, I didn't need any), then off to Wollstonecraft to go for my second walk, this time with an extra companion, Lindy. I haven't walked in this area before, but it was lovely. More back streets, and around Balls Head, which just out onto on Sydney Harbour. I met two dogs on the way: Mac, a Tenterfield terrier cross who was a playful and v nice; and Rex, a pomeranian, who was a bit standoffish. Then another well-deserved post-walk feast at Lindy's with her partner Roy (also v nice, just like Lindy). They had a hearty soup. I got to watch. But apparently I was too vocal in my appreciation of their meal, because Lindy sent me out to the balcony, with Buzz's blessing, to encourage me to consider the quality of my behaviour.

After all that, I was pretty tired and had a BIG sleep when we got home. Although, at 11pm I did get a sudden and irrisistable urge to tear around the apartment, which I did. For 20 laps. Then I joined my keeper in our improved sleeping arrangements.

Finally, walks three and four today, Monday. Monday is Club Mutt day, and I get to go to Auntie Vicky's for the day and play with a pack of petite pups like myself and go for TWO walks -- in one day! How crazy is that? I LOVE Club Mutt. So it is no surprise that after all this activity, here I am, seriously exhausted, lying on the lounge while Buzz sits in her beanbag next to the radiator (like a little bonfire waiting to happen), and watches Pushing Daisies on Foxtel -- this is her current most favourite show, and she has a crush on the male lead.

Although, now that I think about it, I am told that tomorrow I am "in for it" (Buzz has an early start, a longish day, and an evening work function so she won't be around much. Fortunately for me this alignment of events on a single day is rare, so I will cop this one on the chin), so I might postpone further rest until later tonight, and play with some toys and chew on her fingers and use my time more meaningfully. I have all day tomorrow to sleep!