Sunday, March 22, 2009

My First Blog

Hi! My name is Sophie May and I live in Cammeray, Australia in a very nice apartment. I'm 6 months and 10 days old. Buzz calls me a one-eyed wonder, because I was only born with one eye and she thinks I'm awesome. It's true, I am.

My life in Sydney so far is a big adventure, with new discoveries every day. My favourite places are Primrose Park where there are lots of dogs to meet, Maggio's where Buzz takes me for lunch and coffees, Dogue near Manly and Moggy & Mutt in Mosman and Northbridge where there are lots of toys and treats for me and Buzz spoils me. I really love toys and my toybox is overflowing.

Right now I am trying to get to my special white spotty tennis ball which I've knocked under a side-table and can't reach right now. I've tried barking at Buzz to get it for me but she said she won't help me until I calm down. Fortunately I've found a pompom on an old ski beanie so I'll just chew on this for a bit. Oh oh, that's got my guardian's attention.... xSophie