Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Happy First Birthday To Me

SUCH a nice day - my very first birthday. This afternoon we took a Birthday Walk, which was particularly satisfying as they've taken down the footy goalposts and the whole Cremorne-Cammeray dog community were out celebrating being able to reclaim Primrose Park.

When we got home Buzz gave me a yummy Birthday Bone (lamb). I had to eat it on my ikea rag rug, it was a messy one and I invested a lot of rewardig time and energy into it. Buzz reckoned it looked like I'd slaughtered an antelope!

That was followed by a Birthday Bath because I was v whiffy, and I was so relaxed by then that I submitted to a Birthday Brush and the removal of several dreadlocks. Finally, a Birthday Nap.

DIY Toys 4 Dogs

There are never enough toys for little dogs like me. If you are bored with your current collection, here are three simple steps to construct your own unique chew toy.

1. Next time you get a haircut, hide a pile of fur before your owner has time to throw it all out.

2. When no one is looking, chew the fur and swallow. Important: this behavior results in confiscation of fur, so be discreet.

3. After a little time, regurgitate the fur. Do this also with discretion as hacking can alarm yiur owner. The combination of fur, spittle and chewing has created a fun felt toy. Allow to dry. Congratulations.