Sunday, July 5, 2009


How did karma repay my bad behaviour in the park after I decided it would be fun to run up the street, away from Buzz, rather than into the park with all the other dogs? It set the car alarm off while I waited in it while Buzz was at the ATM, that's how.

I have considered my actions, how they upset Buzz and made her endure the unhelpful advice of some middle-aged oaf who considered himself quite the animal behaviour expert, but only managed to distract and further stress her out as she tried to focus on getting my attention. Plus his little bastard dog later attempted (THREE times) to hump my face. Not cool. Initially I thought this was karma's revenge, but then I realised karma wouldn't encourage this kind of offensive assault as an appropriate form of punishment.

Buzz said we are never going back to Tunks Park because it attracts malingerers and inspires bad behaviour, and that we only went their as a last resort because our regular, Primrose, was swarming with little boys playing soccer who should have been at home playing video games like normal kids.

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