Wednesday, July 15, 2009

In Dog News Today...

I'd like to send a nod and a lick across the pond to Scooter in NZ, possibly the world's smallest dog at 8cm. He eats out of an egg-up and has to wear a purple sock so his owner, Cheryl, doesn't accidentally stand on him.

Scooter'd make me look like a great dane, and I remember well the first time I bumped into one of those! Frightened me half to death, although he was really a very nice dog.

Good luck to you Scooter, I think you are extremely cute and would love to have a little sibling-pup just like you one day! We could play hide and seek together (you could hide in my Kong!).

I'd also like to send my love and get-well-soon wishes to Smokey in the UK. That's way harsh, what happened! But its good that you are doing well, and I promise that you won't miss your sight too much in that eye -- I get along just fine without mine!

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